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Clinic Handbook Reference Material

Monday, 1 Apr 2019 9:00 AM - Sunday, 1 Sep 2019 4:30 PM
This on-line reference material is available for purchase by PodiatryNZ members.

Clinic Handbook

Based on the Quality Standard NZ8171: The Allied Health Standard. This training will give you access to the PodiatryNZ Clinic Handbook. The handbook provides a comprehensive guide to legislation and standards that underpin best practice in clinic management.


This handbook will be useful for anyone who has ever needed to:
  • Provide a health and safety risk management plan
  • Prepare an informed consent form
  • Undertake a patient satisfaction survey
  • Create staff induction and employee management systems
  • Review your patient complaints process


At the end of this training session:
  • You will have the tools and knowledge to implement a comprehensive policies and procedures manual for your clinic.
  • The clinic handbook training programme is a tool that will:
  • Give you an overview and understanding of the purpose of having quality systems and guidelines.
  • Give access to the on-line handbook including the templates, forms and checklists. *
  • Allow you to participate in an interactive workshop and tailor your Handbook to suit your Clinic
  • This training is an ideal opportunity to involve and train staff members to adhere to your policies & procedures


Who will benefit from the Clinic Handbook
  • Registered Podiatrists who operate a business
  • Registered Podiatrist employees who have responsibility for management issues
  • Practice Managers
  • Registered Podiatrists must be members of PodiatryNZ

Purchase plans can by emailing Leslie.  We are happy to work with our members to ensure they receive the support they need to 


The Handbook will cover the following main areas:

• Organisational Management
• Pre-entry to Services
• Service Delivery
• Managing Service Delivery
• Safe and Appropriate Environment

What is the Clinic Handbook?
  • It is a framework for the continuous quality improvement of the clinic and establishes the minimum requirements required under various legislations and regulations
  • It is based on the Allied Health Standards handbook
  • It has been developed over the past two years in conjunction with Quality consultants including the DAA Group
  • It draws on the expertise of many members including the subject matter expert committee


CPD Hours:     9.00 Professional Learning - Attendance at Events
City: e-book
Branch: National