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Dermoscopy with Dr Ivan Bristow, Podiatrist

A massive hit at our 2018 Conference, Dr Ivan Bristow now offers a “small class” online learning training short programme as an introduction to dermoscopy. 


Dermoscopy is a technique that allows closer visual inspection of the skin which has been used in the assessment and recognition of skin lesions, both benign and malignant. The basic technique can be learned within a few hours and integrated into daily podiatric practice.


The sessions are conducted from the UK on two consectutive mornings -  which means just a commitment of two consecutive evenings (NZ time) for two hours each time.  Enrolments are limited to 5 participants.


Electronic copies of the materials will be made available to you along with recorded material and other useful links.


In this program:

In your own time

Malignant Melanoma - 40 minutes (pre-recorded)


Tuesday 28th July  7 - 9 pm

Basic Dermatoscopic Technique - 1 hour (zoom live)

Assessment of Plantar Lesions - 1 hour (zoom live)


Wednesday 29th July. 7 - 9 pm

Assessment of Lesions on the Foot and Leg - 1 hour (zoom live)
Nail Assessment with Dermoscopy - 1 hour (zoom live)


For the past two years Ivan has been training UK podiatrists in dermoscopy. Given the reality that we will be unable to travel to the UK any time soon, PodiatryNZ has arranged with Ivan to provide our members with an opportunity to upskill in this area. We think the small group will be conducive to great learning outcomes.


You do not need to own a dermatoscopy to undertake the course. Types of dermatoscope and their advantages are covered as part of the programme.

All training times will be at 7 pm.


The cost of the programme is $500 NZD – you will be invoiced once you enrol - please email to register your interest


What others have said:


"This programme is a must. The skills and information I absorbed in these two sessions was invaluable. With the increasing prevalence of malignant melanomas, clinically it is essential that we as Podiatrists are leading the way in identifying these on the lower limb, foot and nail area. The convenience of doing this at home and having access to the material is fantastic. Also being a live session you can ask questions, which is brilliant and helps reinforce the important aspects. Thank you so much, Ivan, for doing this. This has certainly started a new area of interest in dermoscopy for me."
- Jodie, Podiatrist, New South Wales


"I highly recommend Ivan's online class for an introduction to dermatoscopy. This course is easy to understand and follow, and being able to learn from the comfort of my home is a big plus! The quality of the course is exceptional and the small size group encourages interaction to ask questions as we went along. I have gained confidence using dermatoscope in identifying malignant melanoma on the leg, feet, and nails. Thanks again Ivan for organizing this, it has definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world of examining skin and nails."
- CT, New South Wales


“A few months before having this online class with Ivan, I'd watched a few hours of videos on YouTube. They didn't quite give me the confidence to start using dermoscopy in my clinic. Turns out they put me on the wrong track with terminology too. Ivan's class was brilliant in that it was live with only a few of us on the call and completely interactive so we were able to ask questions as we went along.. I can't recommend it highly enough. This is your best introduction to dermoscopy!”
– Rebecca, Podiatrist, Western Australia

CPD Hours:     5.00 Professional Learning - Attendance at Events
City: Your Place
Branch: National
Member price: $500.00
Non-member price: $1,500.00