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A membership with PodiatryNZ opens you to a world of knowledge and opportunity


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At PodiatryNZ we believe that putting our members’ clients and patients first is essential. By always thinking of the needs of clients and patients we can continually adapt our services to ensure our members are equipped to meet the changing needs of their clients and patients.
PodiatryNZ membership programs are designed to make it easy and affordable for members to access the information and support needed to be an effective professional. This assists members to work at “top of scope” and to change the world they work in for the better.
Eight key reasons to join PodiatryNZ
Indemnity Insurance

Your membership include liability insurance (medical malpractice, public liability and statutory liability). This gives you peace of mind while practicing. 

A Unified Voice

PodiatryNZ provides “strength comes in numbers”. To create change in the profession, a unifed voice is the strongest. PodiatryNZ can be your voice. 

We are the face and voice of the profession. Because of that, members are viewed as credible professionals. 
Networking Opportunities

Whether you’re face-to-face at conference or on a training program, you’ll have numerous opportunities to create meaningful connections with other professionals.

Professional Development 

We provide a wealth of knowledge and educational opportunities to help your business and career flourish. Between all the conferences, events, accreditation programs offered.

Visibility within the Profession

There’s no better way to get noticed professionally than by participating, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can raise your profile simply by getting involved.

Special Access to Events

One of the perks of membership is the privileged access you’ll have at events. Not only do we offer discounts to members sometimes our events are restricted to members only.

One-of-a-Kind Insights 
When your part of PodiatryNZ, you are part of an exclusive group that has access to valuable industry information efficiently and affordably. 
Member Types
Membership for registered podiatrists
Registered Podiatrist Full Member
This membership is for a registered Podiatrist engaged in clinical practice or podiatry related activities either in private practice and/or the public sector. Membership includes Professional Indemnity Insurance. Acceptance of membership is contingent upon insurance approval. - Membership fee NZ$1112.00 - Join here
Registered Podiatrist Part-Time Member
This membership is for Podiatrists with a gross income of less than $19,999 per annum.You must be a registered Podiatrist engaged in clinical practice, podiatry related administration or business management. Acceptance of membership is contingent on insurance approval. Membership includes Professional Indemnity Insurance – valid only if within stated income range. Membership fee NZ$697.50 - Join here
Registered Podiatrist Graduate Member
Available to Podiatrists recently graduated from AUT in their first year of work. You must be registered and have a current APC to be eligible. Membership includes Professional Indemnity Insurance. Please email us to enquire about this membershp. Membership fee NZ$335.00 - Join here
Other member types
Registered Podiatrist Non-Practicing Member 
This membership is available to Podiatrists who are registered and hold a current APC but are not currently working as a Podiatrist in New Zealand. This membership does not include insurance. Subject to approval by the Board. For further information please email us.
Student Member
Student membership is available while you are studying Podiatry fulltime at either undergraduate or postgraduate level in New Zealand. This membership does not include insurance and is not available once you graduate and register with the Podiatrist Board. Join here
Friends and Affliates
If you have been a member and are moving overseas please join our Facebook page to keep up to date with PodiatryNZ including Conference information and CPD events. Follow us here
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