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The sports accreditation initiative was commenced in 2016 and is based on a vision of:

  1. To be a collegial group of professionals who are passionate about best practice in sports practice management.
  2. To deliver quality sports outcomes for clients through advanced podiatric skills and knowledge.
  3. To provide a client focused competency pathway for developing specialist skills and knowledge in sports podiatry.

This special interest group was created for podiatrists interested in working with clients who have active lifestyles. Our members achieve recognition by participating and working through a practical pathway that includes structured educational components and mentoring.
Sports Accreditation delivers and recognises podiatrists who have applied themselves to lifelong learning.  


Accredited Members



Steps to Accreditation


Those wanting to achieve accreditation:

  1. Must have at least four years’ experience, including at least two years spent working towards accreditation.
  2. Have attended relevant PodiatryNZ sponsored training such as Fundamentals Sports and other Sports Workshops
  3. those who were unable to attend all or any previous PodiatryNZ sports training may still receive recognition if they can demonstrate prior learning that has included elements of the Sports Framework.
  4. Each member must attend at 2-day practical’s workshop where they will participate with other candidates. In this situation, candidates need to demonstrate to their peers that they have contributed in training, been able to communicate decision-making abilities and that they have been able to critically assess and evaluate each patient’s condition and design an appropriate treatment plan.
  5. The practical’s assessment is not based on pass/fail or right/wrong answers. The assessment requires recognition that participants can demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and treat conditions relevant to active people.